Creating Semester Course Shells in Moodle 2.x

  • Semester course shells are no longer automatically created. Instructors now may create only the course shells they need for a given semester. To create semester course shells follow the instructions as outlined.

    1. Log in to Moodle.
    2. Once on the site page, click the My home link in the Navigation block or in the block in the upper- right.
      Moodle 2 site page
    3. Prior to creating your semester course shells for the first time, you will need to add the Course Management block. If you have added the Course Management block, skip to Step 5. On the My home page, click the Customise this page button in the upper right corner.
      Moodle 2 My home page
    4. Click the drop-down menu in the Add a block block. Then, select Course Management from the drop-down menu.
      Course Management block
    5. The Course Management block will be displayed just above the Add a block block. Click the Create Course link in the Course Management block.
      Create Course
    6. You will see semester course shells for the courses you are teaching displayed.
    7. Check the box next to the course(s) for which you want to create semester course shells. You can also use the Select all/none link to select or deselect all the courses in the list.
    8. Click the Create Course button to create the shells.
      Select courses for semester course shells
    9. You will be returned to the Course Management Tool page. The course shells you set up will no longer appear in the list of available courses. Once created, you cannot recreate a semester course shell.
    10. Click the My home link in the Navigation block (as shown in the blue box) to return to your My home page to access your new semester course shells.
      Return to Moodle 2 My home page
    11. To access your newly -reated course shell, click the Course Title on your My home page under Course overview.
      Accessing new semester course shells