Creating Metacourses in Moodle 2.x

  • Instructors now select which courses they wish to combine into a metacourse. Metacourses are available immediately upon creation. To create metacourse shells follow the instructions as outlined. Note: Prior to creating a metacourse, you must create semester course shells for each course section you wish to combine into metacourse. See how to create semester course shells.

    1. Log in to Moodle.
    2. Once on the site or home page, click the My home link in the Navigation block or in the block in the upper right.
      Moodle 2 site page
    3. Prior to creating a metacourse for the first time, you must add the Course Management block. If you have already added the Course Management block, skip to Step 5. On the My home page click the Customise this page button in the upper-right corner.
      Moodle 2 My home page
    4. Click on the drop-down menu in the Add a block block. Select Course Management from the drop-down menu.
      Add Course Management block
    5. The Course Management block will be displayed just above the Add a block block. Click the Create Course link in the Course Management block.
      Create a course shell
    6. On the Course Management Tool page, scroll down to the section titled Meta Course Create. Note: You can only create one metacourse at at time. You must also have previously created semester course shells for the courses and sections you want to combine into a metacourse. They will be displayed above the Create Metacourse button if you have done so. If there are no courses listed, please see the article on Creating Course Semester Shells.
      Meta Course Create
    7. Supply the Meta Course Name (e.g., HPED 263) and a Breadcrumb name (e.g. HPED263). Metacourse names contain the course prefix and number. The breadcrumb may consist of up to 15 alphanumeric characters and may not include spaces. More information on course names can be obtained by clicking the question mark icons next to the Metacourse and Breadcrumb fields.
    8. Make sure you have checked the boxes next to all the course/sections that are to be included in the metacourse.
    9. Click the Create Metacourse button when you are ready to create the metacourse.
    10. Click on the My home link in the Navigation block to return to your My home page to access your new metacourse.Name a meta course
    11. To enter the new metacourse, simply click on the metacourse Title on your My home page in the Course Overview section.Access a new meta course