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Using Quickmail in Moodle

  • The Moodle add-on, Quickmail, is a tool that enables instructors and students to send email and attachments to each other via IUP e-mail.  To help organize your inbox you can create rules in I-Mail that will automatically place messages in specific folders. For information on creating this type of rule, please see our instructional video quick tip titled, Setting Up a Quickmail Rule in I-Mail. The steps for using Quickmail in Moodle are outlined in this article.

    Adding the Quickmail Block

    1.To add the Quickmail block go to your Moodle course homepage add turn editing on.

    2. Scroll down the right hand side of the course homepage until you see the and block titled "Blocks", then select Quickmail from the "Add" drop down menu.

    3. The Quickmail block will appear on the lower righthand side of the screen. You can move the Quickmail block if you desire.



    Quickmail History 

    The Quickmail History link will show you the messages that you have sent. The messages can be sorted by Date, Subject, and Attachments. You can delete the messages by clicking on the icon of the red "x" or view the messages by clicking on the icon of the magnifying glass.

    Turn on Quickmail for Students

    In order for students to use Quickmail you must select the "Setting..." link on the Quickmail block. On the Quickmail Configuration screen you will need to select Yes from the drop down menu, then click the Save changes button. The default for is No for allowing students to use Quickmail.



    Composing a Message 

    1.To send a message select the link titled, Compose Email on the Quickmail block.

    2. Select one or more people from the Potential Recipient(s) list on the right hand of the Quickmail compose screen. Next click the Add button to move the person or persons to the Selected Recipient(s) column. You can add multiple recipients at the same time using any of the following methods:

    • click and drag the cursor to select multiple recipients in sequential order
    • hold the shift key and click to select multiple recipients in sequential order
    • hold the control key (Windows) or command key (Macintosh) and click to select multiple recipients in non-sequential order
    • Click on the Add All button and every person in the potential recipients column will be move to the selected recipients column

    To remove recipients select the name of the person(s) to be removed in the Selected Recipient(s) column and click the Remove button. That person(s) will be moved back to the Potential Recipient(s) column. You can select multiple recipients by the same means as above to remove them or by clicking on the Remove All button every recipient is removed from the Selected Recipients column


    3. The subject of a Moodle Quickmail message is prefixed with the short-name of the Moodle course, so for example in the image below the subject would be "[nreCOSC110] Reminder for Assignment 1". (As shown by the red arrow)

    4. Enter your message in the large message text box. You can edit the message using the toolbar above the message text box.


    5. If you need to add an attachment select the Choose or upload a file button. (As shown by the green arrow)  You can then choose a file from your file storage area in the Moodle course or upload a file. Remember once you have found the file you want to attach that you need to select the Choose link in the Action menu to finalize the attachment.  The maximum size of an attachment is set based on the IUP e-mail system.  You can only send one attachment at a time.

    6. To send the message click on the Send Email button. (As shown by the blue arrow) The message will be sent to the recipient's IUP e-mail.  You will receive a Quickmail dispatch receipt in I-mail to indicate the message was sent successfully. A copy of the message is also placed in the Quickmail History list.