Importing a Quiz Into Moodle Using Respondus

  • Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or uploaded to your Moodle question bank. Exams can be created offline using Microsoft Word or a text editor.

    Using Respondus with Moodle involves three steps.

    Formatting the Quiz for Respondus

    The first step is to format the quiz questions in the Respondus “Standard Format for Importing.” This is a required formatting technique that Respondus uses to understand the questions and the correct answers. Once the document is set up in the format, the next step is to import the quiz into the Respondus program. Please see the the Help section of the Respondus program on the “Standard Format for Import” for details.

    Importing the Quiz into Respondus

    1. Open Respondus (if you do not have Respondus for your office or home computer, you can download it from the Respondus download page on the IT Support Center website)
    2. Select Blackboard 7.x-9.x from the drop-down menu next to Current Personality.
    3. Select the Import Questions button.
    4. Set up the Import Questions box as follows:
      1. Select the file type from the Type of file drop down menu. (For example: .doc, .docx, or .txt
      2. Choose either to append the questions to an existing document or to create a new one. (This example is done based on creating a new document.)
      3. If you select a new document, enter a name for the quiz
      4. Select the Preview button to make sure there are no errors in the quiz file.
      5. Once there are no errors, select the Finish button.
    5. Next, select the Preview and Publish tab.
    6. Select the Preview the File button to review the quiz.
    7. Next, select the Publish to Blackboard button in the left menu and then select then Publish Wizard button.
      1. In Publish Wizard, select the following:
      2. In item 1 select Save pool to local file for manual uploading.
      3. Select the Next button.
      4. In the next window in item 1 select the Save As button and select a location on the local or networked drive to save the file to.
    8. In item 2 select either Test with points or Pool - no points depending what you desire.Click on the Finish button. You are done with Respondus at this point.

    Import a Respondus-Formatted Quiz

    1. Log in to the Moodle course, then go to the Settings block select Question Bank.
    2. In the Question bank will expand, and then select the Import as shown by the red square.
    3. On the Import question from file screen in the File format section select the radio button next to Blackboard V6+ as shown by the red square.
    4. If you have previously created categories in your Question Bank, you can select the category name from the drop-down menu next to the Import Category label in the General section that you want your questions to be placed in.M2Categories
    5. Next, go to the Import questions from file section. To import your file select the Choose a file button. M2ChooseFile
    6. Selecting the Choose a file button will allow you to browse to the location of the zip file from Respondus using the File Picker.  In the File picker window make sure that Upload a file is selected/shaded then select the Chose a File button and locate the Respondus zip file on your hard drive, jump drive, or network drive.  When you return to the File picker window you will then select Upload this file.M2FilePicker
    7. Once you have located the file, select the Upload this file button you are returned to the Import questions from file window.  In the Import question from file section you will see your file name in the white box.  Next select the Import button.M2ImportFile
    8. You will next see all the questions to be imported. If they look fine, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Continue button at the bottom of the page. Your questions are then added to the Question bank of the Moodle course.M2QuestionList