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Setting up Application Sharing for Moodle or D2L

  • Blackboard Collaborate Online Room Application Sharing tool lets you show or share any application running on your computer or your desktop with your participants. 

    When you begin Application Sharing in a presentation, all users (besides yourself) will see what you have displayed. Follow the steps below to set up Application Sharing in Collaborate.

    1. Click on the link you created for your Online Room. From the Moderator's window click on the double monitor icon which is the Application Sharing button just above  and to the left of the whiteboard.
    2. Once you have clicked the Application Sharing button you will see the Available Sharing Selections window.
      • Click on either Share Desktop or just the program name you wish to share. Click on the Share button. 
      • Your screen will refresh and you will see a yellow outline box around the content you have shared. You can now demonstrate the information you wanted to share with your participants.
      • To end your sharing session click on the solid black square in the upper left-hand corner of the yellow outline box. You will be taken back to your online room.  You can click on the whiteboard icon to return to any presentation you may have been using.