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Making a Desire2Learn Course Available to Students

    1. Log in to Desire2Learn (D2L). In D2L, enrollment is managed automatically. Enrollment is updated every twenty-four hours based on course registration data.
    2. On the My Home page in the My Courses widget, courses which are inactive are identified by the word inactive italicized and  in parenthesis. For example (Inactive).
    3. Click on the course titled then access the Course Offering Information page by selecting Edit Course from the navbar. Next, select the Course Offering Information link in the Site Setup area. On the Course Offering Information page, click on the box next to "Course is active." Click on the Save button. 

    Setting a Course Start Date or End Date in Desire2Learn

    You can set your course to open on a specific date at a specific time. This will open the course automatically on that date at that time. You can also specify and end date and time for the course as well.

    1. To set a start or end date for a course, click Edit Course from the navbar once you are in your course. Next, you would select the Course Offering Information link in the Site Setup area. Click on the checkbox next to “Course is active”.
    2. Next, click on the box next to “Start Date,” then select the date and time you want the course to open using the drop-down-menus next to the date and time area. If you want to set a course end date, click the box next to “End Date” and set the ending date and time.
    3. On the course homepage, the instructor will see a note underneath the course title indicating when the course will be available. If you have set an end date, you will not see that date listed underneath the course title until after the specified end date and time.
    4. The students will see the course title and the start date in the My Courses widget on the My Home page when they log in to Desire2Learn.