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Linking to Desire2Learn Content Resources

  • Using Quicklinks, you can create links to other areas of your course such as, quizzes, discussions, dropboxes or chat.

    1. Go to your Desire2Learn (D2L) course and select Content from the navbar.
    2. Click on New Topic.
    3. Click on Quicklink.
    4. From the Parent Module drop-down menu, select a Module name you have in your course. (If you want the quicklink in a new module, select [add module] just to the right of the Parent Module drop-down menu.)
    5. Enter a title for the activity. (e.g., Chat about Favorite Shoe Lacing Methods)
    6. In the Content section of the Quicklink screen, select the chain-link to the right of the URL text box. (Ash shown by the red square.)

    7. From the Insert Quicklink pop-up window, select a desired category from the Category drop-down menu. For this example “Chat” will be used.

    8. From the Choose an Item drop-down menu, select the desired tool. For this example, it will be the previously created chat room titled “Favorite Lace Tying Methods.”
    9. Select the Insert button
    10. Select the Save button