Inserting an itube Video into a D2L Course

  • The following article demonstrates how to insert an itube video into your D2L course. itube videos can be inserted into any D2L Brightspace tool that has the html editor, such as the Content tools, Create a file, Announcements, and the Discussions tools.

    From within the desired tool within your course, locate the html editor.

    1. In the editor window, position your cursor where you want the video content to appear.
    2. In the html editor toolbar, click the Insert Stuff button. It is the first button in the toolbar on the left.
    3. In the Insert Stuff window, click on the My Media link in the left menu.
    4. In the Search field, enter one of the tags that you entered in the Tag  field for the video. Click on the Search button. 
    5. Once you have located the desired video, click on it to highlight it and then click the Next button on the lower left in the My Media window.
    6. A preview of your video should display in the window. If you cannot preview the video, click on the Refresh Preview button. Click the Insert button on the bottom left of the My Media Window to insert the video into the html editor.
    7. Once the video has been inserted, click the Publish button so students can access it. If you need to do some additional work, then click the Save as Draft button. Students will not be able to access the video until it is published.