Importing a Quiz into Desire2Learn Using Respondus

  • Respondus is a powerful tool for creating and managing exams that can be printed to paper or uploaded to your Desire2Learn (D2L) question library. Exams can be created offline using Microsoft Word or a text editor.

    Using Respondus with D2L involves three steps.

    Formatting the Quiz Questions for Respondus

    The first step is to format the quiz questions in the Respondus “Standard Format for Importing.” This is a required formatting technique that Respondus uses to understand the questions and the correct answers. Once the document is set up in the format, the next step is to import the quiz into the Respondus program. Please see the Help section of the Respondus program on the “Standard Format for Import” for details.

    Importing the Quiz into Respondus

    1. Open Respondus (if you do not have Respondus for your office or home computer, you can download it from the Respondus download page on the IT Support Center website).
    2. Select Desire2Learn from the drop-down menu next to Current Personality.
    3. Select the Import Questions button.
    4. Set up the Import Questions box as follows:
      1. Select the file type from the Type of file drop-down menu. (For example: .doc, .docx, or .txt)
      2. Choose either to append the questions to an existing document or to create a new one. (This example is done based on creating a new document.)
        1. If you select a new document, enter a name for the quiz.
      3. Select the Preview button to make sure there are no errors in the quiz file.
      4. Once there are no errors, select the Finish button.
    5. Next, select the Preview and Publish tab.
    6. Click on the Publish Wizard button
    7. Under “Type of Publish,” click on the radio button next to Export QTI XML for manual upload to D2L. Then, click on the Next button.
    8. Under “Select Preferences,” click the radio button next to Question Library Section.
    9. Click on the Save As button and choose a location to save the zip file to your local computer, a removable drive, or a networked drive.
    10. Click the Finish button.

    Import a Respondus Exported IMS QTI Zip File in to Desire2Learn

    1. Select Edit Course from the Navbar. Then in the Site Resources section of the Course Administration page select Import/Export/Copy Components.

      Import Export Copy Components on Course Administration Page
    2. In the What would you like to do? section, select the Import Components radio button.
    3. Use the Browse button to locate the Respondus zip file for your quiz.
    4. Click on the Start button.
    5. On the Preprocessing Progress screen, click the Continue button.
    6. On the Select Course Material screen, under Select Components to Import area, select Question Library (or Select All Components), as indicated by the red arrow. To upload the whole quiz, make sure the Import all items radio button is selected.

      Select Components to Copy
    7. Click on the Continue button.
    8. Under Components to Import section, click on the Continue button to the bottom left.
    9. Once the import process is completed, click the Finish button.
    10. You will see the Import Summary screen, and it should indicate, “The course import was successful.” Selecting the Done button takes you back to the Import/Export/Copy Components screen. To see the imported questions, click on the Quizzes link on the navbar, then click on Question Library.