Navigation in D2L

How can I become familiar with the D2L Brightspace user interface?

We have an overview for the user interface known as Daylight.

D2L has also created a video, titled Navigating the Brightspace Learning Environment.

How can I pin a course to display in my the My Courses Widget?

How can I add links and widgets to the D2L navbar and homepage?

Adding other tools (links) to the D2L navbar can make navigating convenient for you and your students for example, Attendance, Online Rooms, and others.

The course home page can be customized through the addition of widgets. The course home page is designed to provide students immediate access to news and announcements and upcoming course deadlines. Typical widgets used on the course homepage are the News, Calendar, and Role Switch. However, additional widgets can be added.

You can find the documentation for Adding Links to the Navbar and Adding a Widget to a D2L Course Homepage on our D2L Brightspace web page.

What characters are prohibited in Brightspace filenames?