Administering a Course

Why did my course automatically close at the end of the semester? I did not set the course to close!
The basic Administration of a D2L course.
How do I manage course material such as importing, exporting, an coping course materials?

Managing Course Components is a series of documents that focuses on copying course materials as well as importing and exporting material. Tips for importing course components are included. 

The video Import/Export/Copy Components Tool gives details on how to use this tool. This tool is used for importing course content from one course to the next.

At the end of a semester, it is a good idea to export your course content to keep as a master template for the content. Instructions on exporting course content can be found in the article titled "Export Course Content in D2L Brightspace."

Using Intelligent Agents in D2L
Using Replacement Strings for D2L.
Using SCORM objects in D2L.
How long will students be able to access a course in D2L Brightspace after a semester ends?

Courses can only be closed to student access by the instructor. If the instructor does not close old courses, students see and access courses from previous semesters.

Closing a D2L Brightspace course

  1. Log in to D2L Brightspace and access the course you want to close.
  2.  Click on Course Admin from the navbar. Next, select the Course Offering Information link in the Site Setup area. On the Course Offering Information page, uncheck the box next to Course is active." Click on the Save button. The course is closed, and students will no longer see the course on their My Courses widget

Setting an End Date for a D2L Brightspace course

You can set your course to close on a specific date and time. 

  1. To set an end date for a course, click Course Admin from the navbar once you are in your course. Next, you select the Course Offering Information link in the Site Setup area. Click on the check box next to "Course is active." A check mark must appear in this box.
  2. Click on the check box next to "End Date," then select the date and time you want the course to close using the drop-down-menus next to the date and time area. Click Save.
  3. On the course homepage, you will see a note next to the course title indicating when the course will close. No one will see that date and time listed until after the specified end date and time.
  4. Once the end date and time is reached, the students will see no longer see course title on their My Courses widget on the My Home page when they log in to D2L Brightspace.