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Changing Your Desire2Learn Course Homepage

  • Your course homepage is comprised of configurable boxes of content, called widgets, that provide information, links, and other course-related functionality. You can add and remove widgets from your course homepage, change their placement and order, and configure their appearance as well as behavior.

    The instructions on how to manage the widgets are listed below.

    1. Select Edit Course from the navbar. Then under the General section of the Course Administration page, click on Homepages.
    2. First, click on the two-page icon to the left of the Course Default homepage or the title of the homepage you wish to copy. This creates a copy of the selected page.

    3. Next, click on the line titled Copy of Course Default or the name of the copied page. If desired, enter a new title for the page in the Name box.
    4. Click on the Content/Layout tab. You will see a general layout of your homepage. The Panel Size button enables you to change the size of the left, center, and right panels of your homepage. The Preview Homepage button allows you to view changes made to the homepage.

    5. To add a new widget, click the Add Widget button in the section you would like to add a widget to (e.g., left panel area).

    6. In the Add Widget window, check the box beside the widget in the list you would like to add (e.g., Google Search). Then click the Save button.
    7. By clicking on the drop-down arrow in the upper right corner of each widget area (e.g., Calendar, News, etc.), you can customize the widget, move it up, move it down, move to, or remove it from the homepage.

    Setting a Homepage as Active

    1. If you are still on the Manage Homepage window, click on the Homepages button. If not, select the Edit Course link from the Navbar and select Homepages from the General section.
    2. On the Manage Homepages window, select the Set button in the Active column next to the homepage you wish to be the active page.
    3. You will be asked to confirm your choice. Click the Set Active button to complete the process. Select the Course Home link in the navbar to see your new active homepage.

    Original document property of Desire2Learn.  Modified by IUP to reflect IUP's D2L environment.