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Resubmitting an Assignment to a D2L Assignments

  • You can give special access to students for a dropbox, which allows you to provide alternative content or time limits to individual users or groups of users to accommodate special circumstances.

    For example, you can use special access to accommodate individuals who missed an assignment. To set up special access to resubmit an assignment or other special needs, follow the instructions provided.

    1. Once in your Desire2Learn (D2L) course, select Dropbox from the navbar.
    2. Click on the drop-down menu next to the assignment title and select Edit.

      Select Edit from the dropdown menu
    3. Click on the Restrictions button on the Edit Folder “Assignment Title” screen.

      Dropbox Restriction Button

    4. Scroll down to the bottom of the window. Click on the radio button next to Allow users with special access to submit assignments outside the normal availability dates for this folder, or, if you only want specific users to see the assignment to resubmit, select the radio button next to Only allow users with special access to see this folder. Next, click the button Add Users to Special Access button.

      Add Users to Special Access
    5. At the top of the window, click the checkbox next to Has Start Date to enable a new date. Click the checkbox next to Has End Date to set a new due date.  At the bottom of the window, click on the box next to the name of the student or students you are giving special access to. A check mark will appear in the box. Click on the Save button at the bottom left of the window .

      Special Access Properties Page
    6. Back on the Edit Folder window, you should see the name and date of the student or students you selected underneath the Add Users to Special Access button. Click on the Save and Close or Save button on the bottom left to complete the process.

      Special Access Student List

    Note: You can delete a student from Special Access in the Dropbox by:

    1. In the Special Access section of the Edit Folder page, click on the red X icon next to the student you wish to remove from special access.
    2. The student’s name and access date are then crossed out. You will see a green + (plus sign) that will add the student back.
    3. Click on the Save and Close or Save button, and the information will be completely removed from the Special Access section.