D2L Instructor Training Videos

  • The D2L Instructor Training Videos course contains video tutorials covering the most commonly used aspects of D2L. Each module is broken into a series of short video tutorials that you can easily digest and use as reference materials. 

    You must be enrolled in the D2L training course. If you are having trouble accessing the course it maybe because your are not enrolled in the course. Please create an ihelp ticket requesting to be enrolled.

    If you are enrolled, accessing the Instructor Training Videos course is as follows:

    1. Log in to D2L Brightspace at https://d2l.iup.edu.
    2. If you do not see the course in your My Courses widget you will need to search for it using Select a course icon in the minibar or the View All Courses link underneath your courses in the My Courses widget.
    3. Instructions on searching and pinning a course are found on the web page titled Organizing Content and Keeping Students on Track.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact the IT Support Center at (724) 357-4000 or via ihelp. (Remember to log in to ihelp with your IUP Network Computer Account username and password.)

    The Benefits of Utilizing the Training Videos Include:

    • Video is an excellent way to teach a subject that has any degree of complexity.
    • Users can learn at their own pace as their schedule permits.
    • Convenience and the ability to train anywhere.
    • Set your own pace.
    • Stop and review as often as you want.
    • Eliminates travel time and related expenses.
    • An excellent option for contract, part-time, or “just joined” faculty.
    • Reaches geographically dispersed faculty.
    • Supports various learning styles.
    • Reduces anxiety about using a new product.
    • Video presents standardized information for every viewer, every time.

    We still offer instructor-led workshops. Please see our Workshop and Training Schedule website. The Instructor Training Videos are recommended as a supplement to instructor-led training.