D2L Daylight

  • D2L Brightspace has a visual new look and feel called the Daylight Experience. This new interface was built with a responsive design—it adapts to different screen sizes and looks great on laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

    The core functionality will not be changing, but you will notice visual improvements:

    • Simplified navigation design that is responsive for smaller devices
    • Wider page layout for your content so that it’s the focal point of the page
    • New fonts, icons, colors, and simpler formatting of widgets provide a consistent experience
    • Responsive homepage layout that works best with two columns
    • New widget for Pinned Courses to make it easier to organize and focus on your current courses

    Demos will be scheduled through the summer months so that instructors can see Daylight and have an opportunity to ask questions before August 17. Dates for these demos, as well as additional information related to Daylight, will be added to this site.

    As part of this change, we will also begin referring to D2L as D2L Brightspace to align with the re-branding that occurred in 2014, when D2L re-branded its learning environment as Brightspace.

    Daylight Overview

    Below are some screenshots showing the new D2L Daylight interface.

    D2L Homepage


    A. Pinning Courses: Ability to organize courses by “pinning” current, past, or future courses for easy access.

    B. Inactive Courses: Inactive courses are clearly identified for instructors.

    C. Course Selector: New course selection icon, shown expanded below

    D2L Homepage with Course Selector Expanded


    D2L Course Homepage


    A. Home Button: New home button that will return you to the D2L My Home page.

    B. Course Homepage Link: Hover over the course title to see the link to course home page.

    C. Course Navbar: Course navbar includes menus that are organized by function

    These are screenshots from a mobile device

    D2L Homepage on Mobile device


    D2L Course Homepage on Mobile Device


    A. Menu: Course navigation menu

    D2L Course Homepage with Menu Expanded Mobile Device