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Create Specific Number of Groups with Auto-Enrollment in D2L

  • When you want to have a specific number of groups and have Desire2Learn (D2L) auto-enroll the students, you would use the following steps:

    1. Select Edit Course from the navbar.
    2. Click on Groups on the lower left side of the Course Administration screen under the Administration section.
    3. Creating a group category will start the group creation process. Click on the New Category link beneath Manage Groups or the link titled Create Group Category beneath the Categories label.
    4. On the New Category screen, enter a name for the category.
    5. From the Enrollment Type drop-down menu, select # of Groups.
    6. Enter the desired number of groups in the Number of Groups text box.
    7. If you want new users who enroll in the course after the groups are set up to be automatically added to the group with the fewest users, select the check box next to Auto-Enroll New Users under the Advanced Properties section.
    8. If you want the groups to be selected at random, select the check box next to Randomize users in Groups. If this box is not checked, then users will be enrolled based on the order of the classlist.
    9. If you want to create a discussion forum for these groups while setting up the groups, click on the box next to Set Up Discussion Areas.
    10. If you want to create a dropbox for these groups while setting up the groups, click on the box next to Set Up Dropbox.
    11. Click on the Create button.
    12. D2L will create the number of groups requested and populate the groups. You can see the number of groups created by clicking on the Category List link.
    13. By clicking on the number link in the Members column, a pop-up will be displayed showing the members of the group. If you have more than one group, you can select the Group Name from the View Categories drop-down menu on the Manage Groups screen to view the members of the other groups.