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Creating BB Collaborate Session in Moodle 2.x

  • Blackboard Collaborate will be available for use and officially joins the IUP online learning toolset in Summer 2013. The Collaborate product will replace Wimba Classroom as the IUP Web-conferencing product at the end of Summer 2013.

    1. Launch Moodle and enter the desired course.
    2. Select Turn editing on the upper right side of the window or in the Settings block under Course administration.
    3. Select the topic or weekly block in which you want to place the room.
      Moodle 2.x Adding an Activity
    4. Click on the Add an activity or resource link on the right hand side of the week or to pick section.
      Select Blackboard Colaborate Session
    5. From the Add an activity or resource pop-up window, select the Blackboard Collaborate Session radio button and then click the Add button at the bottom of the pop-up window.
      Configuring BB Collaborate Session First Step
    6. You will next see the Adding a new Backboard Collaborate Session to the title of the week or topic section you choose to add it to. On the Add in a new Blackboard Collaborate Session window you must enter a name for the session in the Title box. You can choose to make the Session Type as either Course or Private. Generally you will want to select Course. Next you will want to enter a name for the actual online session or room. You see this title when the Web Conference room opens.
    7. Entering a description is optional. You will want to set the Session beginning and ending time by using the available drop-down menus. Default session recording can be selected as Disabled, Manual, or Automatic from the drop-down menu. These values provide
      • Disabled – The recording functionality will be completely turned off for this session.
      • Manual – Recording will be turned off by default but can be turned on during the session by a moderator.
      • Automatic – Recording is turned on by default and cannot be turned off by a moderator.
        Configuring BB Collaborate Session First Step 2
    8. Max talkers lets you set the maximum number of simultaneous talkers.
    9. Boundary time allows users to access the session before its specified start time in order to properly configure their audio settings and make sure they have the necessary software installed. You can select values in increments of 15 minutes from 15 to 60. You can also choose to Grade attendance by selecting a grade from the drop-down menu. The Common modules settings section is used if you are going to set up groups to access the room.
    10. Once completed, you select the Save and return to course or the Save and display button. Save and return to course takes you back to your course home page. The Save and display show the window that will enable you to join the session.
      Accessing BB Collaborate Session
    11. On the course homepage you will see the name of the room as a link in the week or topic section where you choose to put the session.
      BB Collaborate Session Access Activities Block

      A link to the session you created will also appear in the Activities and Upcoming events block.
    12. Any of the links will take you to the join window where you access the session. If you use the link in the Activities block you will have to click one more time on a link that shows the name you gave the session which then takes you to the join window.

    Please see the article on Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Session in Moodle 2.x for Instructors for details on joining a Blackboard Collaborate session.