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Creating an Online Room in Desire2Learn

  • Blackboard Collaborat isIUP's online collaborative learning tool. Collaborate offerscollaborative, interactive, and mobile learning experiences.

    Before you create a Web Conference Room, you must add the Online Rooms tool to the navbar. Please see the article titled Adding Links to the Navbar for instructions.

    Log on to Desire2Learn and enter the desired course. Select Online Rooms from the navbar and make sure the Rooms tab is selected. The Online Room window is displayed.

    D2L OnlineRoom RoomsTab

    From the Service Provider drop-down menu, select Collaborate.

    D2L Online Room Service Provider

    In the section labeled Display, you can show All meetings, Upcoming meetings, or Past meetings.

    Click on the New Room button.

    In the first portion of the New Room window, enter a title for the room in the Name box. Continuing down the window, make sure the Service Provider selected is Collaborate and the Account Name box displays Blackboard Collaborate.

    D2L Online Room Add New Room

    You can enter a description for the room in the Description text box, if desired. For Room Visibility, you want to have the Public Room radio button selected. This will ensure that only the students in the course will be able to see the room.

    The Availability for the room consists of what Collaborate calls Short duration and Long Duration sessions. (Short duration are sessions to be used once, while Long duration session are available up to a year). Set the desired Start Date and Time along with the End Date and Time by using the calendar for the dates and the drop-down menus for the time. Selecting Now will set either the start or end date to the current date and time.

    Advanced Properties are used to set room restrictions, early room entry, and the archive model. Room restrictions can be selected by clicking on the box next to a restriction. For example, you can request that when a student enters a room the hand raise icon is triggered. One restriction to be particularly aware of is Moderators can view all private chats. If this is checked, then you can see all private chats created by any of the students in the class. It is recommended, if this is used, that you put this in your syllabus to notify your students.

    D2L Online Room Advanced Properties

    The Early Room Entry box enables you to set the number of minutes you will permit a student to enter the room before the start of a session. Activating the recoding of your session is done using the drop-down under Archive Mode. Selecting Manual enables you to start recording when you are ready. Automatic means that recording will start once the first person enters the room. Disabled will make recording inaccessible.

    Email notification can be sent to class participants to let them know when a session is to be held and to give them a link to the session. Simply check the box next to Send email notifications to all attendees who are configured to receive e-mail. The messages will go to their D2L inbox. If they have their D2L e-mail set to forward messages to their IUP mail, they will also receive a copy in their imail account.

    D2L Online Room Email Notification

    Once the room is set up, you can click the Save button to save changes, or click on the Save and Join button to enter the room. The Save button will return you to the Rooms window. The rooms you have created will appear just beneath the New Room button in a table. You can Join a room from there if it is available. The table also displays the start and end date of the room sessions.

    D2L Online Room Room List

    Please see the Getting Started with Web Conferencing section of our Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing page for more useful information for moderators.