Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Session in Moodle 2.x for Instructors

  • Blackboard Collaborate is officially the the IUP Web-conferencing product.

    1. Launch Moodle and enter the desired course.
    2. Click on the name of the link for the Blackboard Collaborate session in the correct weekly or topic block.
    3. The join window provides the name of the session, description, the beginning, and ending time of the session. It will also display the boundary time if you choose to display it for your students. As an instructor you will see several other options. Note: Only the instructor sees these options. These options provide:
      • Edit moderators for this session: Click on this link to choose to add other instructors enrolled in this class and edit their default roles in this session. You could then promte that additional instructor to a moderator.
      • Add a preloaded file: You can add previously saved whiteboard or session plan files to this session which will be converted automatically when the session begins. Whiteboard files have the extensions of .wbd and .wbp, while session plan files have the extensions .elp and .elpx.
      • Guest link: Share this web link with any participants who are not currently enrolled in this course for them to have access to the session.
      • To access a Black Board Collaborate session, you select the Join Session link.
    4. If you do not already have the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher installed, click on the link titled download the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher and follow the instructions for installation.It will be necessary to select the appropriate launcher for your platform. In other words if you are using a windows machine, select the Windows version of the launcher from the drop-down. If you are using a Macintosh, select Mac version from the launch drop-down._UpdatedLauncher1
    5. The browser you are using may ask you to open or save the meeting.collab file. You will need to open or Run the meeting.collab.file. Follow the install instructions as indicated. A file titled meeting.collab will be downloaded to your machine. For example, in Firefox you would see a dialog box similar to the one below.\_UpdatedLauncherDialogBox
    6. Make sure that the Open radio button is selected, and the click the OK button to open the meeting.collab file. It should open with the Blackboard Collaborate Launcher program. If you have problems with the Launcher, Blackboard has provided a Troubleshooting article, or please feel free to contact the IT Support Center via ihelp.
    7. You maybe asked to accept the Blackboard Collaborate license. Select the Accept button. You see this once.Setting the Connection Speed
    8. Connections speed is very important when working with the live session. If you are asked to select the connection speed, choose the speed of your connection from the drop-down menu. You will see this once. However, configuration speed can be changed in the preferences once in the live session.Blackboard Collaborate Session Window
    9. You will next enter the Collaborate Session.

    Please see the Getting Started with Web Conferencing section of our Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing page for more useful information for moderators.