DL2 Discussions Workshop

Collaborate with the D2L Brightspace Discussion tool.

The Discussions tool is a collaboration area where you can post, read, and reply to messages on different topics; share thoughts, ask questions, share files; or students can work with their peers. This workshop will focus solely on the Discussion tool so instructors can gain detailed experience in how to use the tool.

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Attendance selections:

  • One-on-one workshops for Instructional Design or D2L Brightspac
  • Customized workshops for a group or department (on-site or via Zoom)
  • View all D2L Brightspace video topics at your convenience
    • The D2LBrightspace Instructor Training Videos. The training includes over 100 video tutorials on the most common aspects of D2L. You must be enrolled in this course to utilize the videos. If you have not enrolled, please use ihelp to request enrollment in the course.

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