Computer Account Retention Policy

  • Computer accounts are available for IUP students, faculty members, and staff. When a student graduates from the university or an employee leaves the university, his or her computer account is available for a period of time as determined by the IUP Central Computing Account Retention Procedures.


    • Accounts are inactivated 60 days from their date of graduation.
    • Accounts are purged 180 days (six months) from their date of graduation.

    Students are sent a reminder email message two weeks before an account is inactivated.

    For students who do not reenroll, accounts are inactivated after approximately one year for undergraduate students, and approximately six months for graduate students.


    • Faculty, non-faculty, and non-student-employee (staff) accounts are inactivated the same day as the termination date or last work date (whichever is more recent).
    • All employee accounts (both faculty and non-faculty) are purged 180 days (six months) from the inactivation date.
  • Computing Accounts FAQ