Request for Service Governance

  • IT Services employs the following governance methodology in completing its mission.

    The goals of this methodology are:

    1. Ensure that IT Services continually aligns its resources with evolving university goals while deploying those resources in an efficient, transparent manner.
    2. Promote the use of information technology as a university-wide strategic asset.
    3. Empower members of the university community by providing a clear process for obtaining support from IT Services guided by a clear, concise decision process.

    Requesting Services

    IT Services accepts requests for services from any member of the university community (students, faculty, staff, and affiliates) as well as committees via ihelp at, e-mail at, via phone at 724-357-4000, or in person at the IT Support Center in Delaney Hall, Suite G35. Requests can be made on behalf of the individual themselves or on behalf of a department, office, or division as well as on behalf of a group such as a committee, task force, or team.

    Other IT Support Contacts

    If IT Services is not the appropriate entity for a given request, the user will be notified and/or a referral will be made to the appropriate contact.

    Production Failures

    Once it is determined that IT Services is the appropriate entity to fulfill the request, a triage procedure will be used to determine if the request represents a “production failure” to one of the existing systems supported by IT Services. If so, fulfilling this request will become a top priority, and resources will be utilized accordingly to gain the timeliest successful resolution possible.

    Help Desk Calls

    Requests that are not production failures become help desk calls if the required time to resolve the request is estimated to be 15 person hours or less. These calls are assigned to the appropriate staff and are generally completed in a first-in, first-out manner.

    Project Requests

    Requests in which the required time to resolve the request is estimated to be more than will be 15 person hours become project requests. Each division has an IT project queue prioritized by divisional leadership three times annually. Office of the President project requests and internal IT Services projects are prioritized on a case-by-case basis.

    Projects can become immediate priorities if the entity responsible for overseeing the given project queue chooses to delay work on project(s) that were previously prioritized. Such a change can only be accomplished if deemed practical by IT Services leadership.