Student Opportunities for Management Information Systems

  • MIS professor and students collaborate for a club project

    PARTNERING WITH THEIR PROFESSOR:  Students Isaac Meals (left) and Kyle Hurlbrink (right) work with Professor Micki Hyde on a fundraising project for the Association of Management Information Systems (AMIS).

    What’s happening for MIS majors

    As an MIS major, you will have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities that will further your knowledge, understanding and enthusiasm for business and information technology.

    Small Business Institute

    The Small Business Institute gives IUP business students the opportunity to work under the close supervision of faculty members to assist clients with accounting systems, market studies, computer system installation, business planning, and operations management.

    Student Organizations

    Business majors can be involved in a variety of student organizations.

    Some of these include the Association of Management Information Systems, International Business Association, Management Association, Phi Beta Lambda, Phi Gamma Nu, Pi Omega Pi, Student Accounting Association, Society for Human Resource Management, Students in Free Enterprise, and Student Marketing Association.

    The Association of Management Information Systems

    The AMIS Club is a student organization specifically for MIS majors, but accepts any IUP student interested in computers. The club is affiliated with the international student chapters of the Association of Information Systems. This allows AMIS club members access to international-level competitions, conferences, and networking opportunities. AMIS focuses on professional development (e.g., business tours, guest speakers from the MIS industry), social functions (e.g., LAN parties, ice cream socials, dinners), and philanthropic/service activities (e.g., recycling e-waste, tutoring).

    Business Day

    Once a year, CEOs, CIOs, and corporate executives from local and national companies come to campus to discuss business opportunities.


    By your junior year, you will have access to a broad range of possible internships. Work with your advisor to select the one that fit your needs the best.