Management Information Systems Majors

  • Student tries Google Glass in MIS class

    INSIGHT INTO GOOGLE GLASS  Professor Jim Rodger's students try out Google Glass and discuss its project management applications and consequences, including the ethical issues around filming and broadcasting with the device.

    BS in Management Information Systems (MIS)

    Our department specializes in the bachelor of science degree in Management Information Systems. We offer an information systems track and an information technology track. Both include a solid core of business classes along with a specialized collection of technology-driven courses.

    Being responsible for a company's information systems makes you accountable for much of the company's success. That’s why we teach you more than the technical knowledge you need to understand a computing infrastructure. 

    Not every student can be an MIS major. It takes a specific kind of person to understand and master the challenges of information systems—someone who can work with business leaders to carry out an organization’s technical and business goals.

    Information Systems, Management Information Systems (MIS)

    This track prepares students for careers in computer-based information systems in organizational environments.

    You’ll study networking, cybersecurity, and user/manager involvement in the global business environment. You’ll also learn the traditional skills of programming, analysis and design, database development, architecture designs, and application development.

    Project management, Internet of Things (IoT), and client server applications are included. There is also as an emphasis on business computing issues such as profitability, budgeting, collaboration, and front-end/back-end system processing.

    Information Technology (IT), Management Information Systems (MIS)

    IT is a vibrant field that emerged as a result of the rapid advances in technology and the need for organizations to adapt quickly.

    The IT track prepares graduates to take on professional positions that fill the computing needs of organizations.

    You'll take classes in the latest technological advances. You’ll also gain skills and knowledge that will be helpful if you pursue leadership positions and graduate studies in the field. 

    Balanced Curriculum Meets Accrediting Guidelines

    Our curriculum adheres to the standards for a balanced curriculum promulgated by the Association for Information Systems, the technology-accrediting arm of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.

    AACSB Accredited logo Eberly College of Business and Information Technology is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business—the premier accrediting agency for collegiate business programs.

    This major also provides students with the opportunity to participate in the Business Honors Program.