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Financial Assistance and Partial Tuition Waiver

  • All degree-seeking, international students (F-1 or J-1 visa status) are reviewed for financial assistance from IUP’s Office of International Education. Students on other visa types or legal permanent residence (green card) are not eligible for any OIE funding. Graduate students may also be eligible for a Graduate Assistantship in their department. Contact your department for an application.

    Partial tuition waivers (PTW) are awarded to eligible international students based on financial need, and no additional application form is necessary.

    If students are awarded a PTW, the amount of funding will be reflected on the immigration documents (I-20 or DS-2019), and an official PTW letter will be included in the student’s acceptance package.

    International students awarded a PTW receive the following amount of money each academic semester (fall and spring only), provided they maintain good academic and immigration status and complete the required service hours:

    • Undergraduate: $2,000
    • Second degree: $1,500
    • Graduate: $1,000

    PTW is not available for the following:

    • Summer sessions
    • Winter sessions
    • Online courses
    • Thesis credits
    • Dissertation credits
    • Internship credits
    • Students receiving 10-hour or more GA

    If you were selected to receive a PTW award, and then received a GA of eight hours or less, you will be eligible for a $1,000 waiver. You are still required to complete the required service hours. 

    Maintaining a Partial Tuition Waiver

    To maintain a partial tuition waiver, undergraduate students must complete unpaid, volunteer service each semester PTW is awarded.

    • Undergraduates: 40 hours/semester
    • Graduates: 20 hours/semester

    Volunteer hours must be completed in conjunction with organized activities from IUP clubs, IUP offices, Indiana community organizations, or local business. Casual volunteering (i.e., walking the neighbor’s dog, tutoring a friend, or helping at a club meeting) is not acceptable. The Office of International Education has final authority to determine the acceptability of volunteer hours.

    If you have questions about the acceptability of hours from a volunteer activity, please e-mail or to receive approval. All PTW students must participate in major OIE events, International Education Week (fall) and International Unity Day (spring). PTW students can earn up to 10 service hours for participating in these events. Details of these events and the participation requirements will be provided by the Office of International Education via the OIE weekly e-mail and PTW e-mails. If you have questions, contact us at

    PTW students are responsible for submitting proof of volunteer hours to the OIE by the deadlines listed each semester. Hours must be officially submitted to the OIE by completing the Partial Tuition Waiver Hour Confirmation Sheet. Another acceptable form of reporting service hours is through a report by supervisors or faculty via direct e-mail or a letter to the Office of International Education. Please note that if submitting a PTW Hour Confirmation Sheet with more than 10 hours for a volunteer service, you are required to provide a specific list of the days and times of the volunteer service to substantiate the hours.

    To guarantee that students will continue to receive the PTW, service hours must be reported by the following deadlines:

    • Fall Hours Due: Last day of fall semester classes
    • Spring Hours Due: Last day of spring semester classes

    Partial Tuition Waiver Hour Confirmation Sheet

    Partial Tuition Waiver Appeal Form

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