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Lost Documents

  • Each semester, a few students have documents stolen or lost.

    If your documents are stolen, please report it to the local police and ask for a police report. Also contact your local embassy. Please make every effort to put your immigration documents in safe keeping.

    Here are some guidelines for recovering lost documents:

    I-20 or DS-2019

    The Office of International Education can reprint copies of I-20s or DS-2019s easily. Request a replacement at the front desk of the office.

    Passport (Includes Renewing)

    Please contact your local embassy or consulate to replace your passport. Your passport needs to be valid for six months into the future when re-entering the U.S. If your passport will be expiring and you plan to return home, consider renewing your passport at home. If you will remain in the U.S., please contact your country’s embassy or consulate for more details.


    Report a lost or stolen U.S. visa to the U.S. Consulate abroad which issued the original visa. Visas cannot be replaced while in the United States and can only be obtained while outside of the U.S. at a U.S. consulate.   


    The I-94 is an electronic arrival/departure record is used by Department of Homeland Security to track who has entered and exited the U.S. This card is necessary when applying for a driver’s license, Social Security number, Optional Practical Training, and Curricular Practical Training.

    Copies of I-94 records can be accessed online through the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website. Corrections to I-94 records can be made through the Office of International Education. Please bring copies of your e-ticket, passport, entry stamp in your passport, and copy of I-94 showing errors or “not found.”