Academy Lunch Sessions

  • The Summer Academy announces lunch sessions that all faculty are welcome to attend. 

    Roundtable: Hands-on learning at a distance

    Join Anne Kondo and Justin Fair as they moderated a roundtable discussion, “Hands-on learning at a distance?” This event highlights sharing ideas about delivering hands-on learning remotely or with social distancing guidelines. This event is open to all faculty of IUP. 

    This discussion is intended for faculty teaching in fields where labs, studios, and clinical experiences form a significant component of learning.   

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    Hybrid on the Horizon

    Are you wondering how to use hybrid models to move your classes to different modalities simultaneously both online and face to face? Well, we have answers and ideas!

    Join Veronica Paz and Matt Baumer as they discussed options and best practices on how to use current IUP technology to run your class activities for both your online (Zoom) and current face-to-face audience. These sessions will be a roundtable discussion of what some IUP faculty have done in the past and new ideas for multiple modalities simultaneously. Learn how to use a hybrid model in time for fall! 

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