Faculty can export their course content to use another semester or store as a master copy. The information presented is how to export course content.

  1. Access the course you wish to export content from.
  2. Go to Course Admin.
  3. Select the Import/Export/Copy tool.
  4. There are three different methods of exporting content. Common Cartridge types create cartridges that are LMS independent. The Brightspace package is designed to be used strictly with D2L Brightspace.

What is a Brightspace Package?

  • The Brightspace Package is the standard export for Brightspace LMS, it contains all the necessary resources you need to share your course with another Brightspace site.This method is used most often when used when importing the cartridge in to another Brightspace course.

What is Common Cartridge?

  • Common Cartridge is a specification developed by the LMS Global Learning Consortium. The specification describe a set of open standards for content, assessment, and digital content that allows publishers and content creators to create LMS-independent course packages. This method is used most often when an LMS-independent course package is needed.

What is Thin Common Cartridge

Thin Common Cartridge is a specification developed by the LMS Global Learning Consortium. The Thin CC standard is a subset of Common Cartridge developed to package Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) Links, Web Links and Metadata.

5. Choose the method you wish to use and click the Start button.

Choose Export Method

6. To export all content in the course, select the box next to Select All Components. Click on the Continue button.

Select Content Export

7. On the Confirm Components to Export page, click the Export button. Click on the Done button to begin the export.

8. When the export is completed, you will see an orange dot on the Updates Alert icon (bell icon) on the window's top right. Click on the Export finished link.

Export finished

9. On the Export Summary window, click on the link. Next select Click here to download the export Zip package. The zip package will be downloaded to your Download folder.

Export Summary