We now have a mobile app for D2L Brightspace; it is called Brightspace Pulse. Brightspace Pulse is an app that helps students find out what is new and what's next in their courses. The app unifies calendars, assignments, grades, and announcements, ensuring students stay on track even during their busiest times.

To help students be able to keep track of their activities, it is all about dates.

  • Assignments Tool - Make sure you add a due date so the assignment will appear in Pulse.
  • Calendar Tool – When creating a calendar event, enter a title, description, start date, and time.
  • Announcement Tool – Set a date and time when creating an announcement, along with the title and content.
  • Discussion Tool – When creating or editing a discussion topic, enter either under availability or lock options a start date/time, a due date/time, and an end date/time.
  • Content Tool – Content is available to students if there are no date/time restrictions. If you wish to add date/time restrictions to content, make sure you add an end date/time at a minimum so it will appear in Pulse.
  • Quizzes Tool – When creating a quiz to appear in Pulse, the quiz needs to have an end date/time. It is also a good idea to enter a start date/time.

Note: By default, notifications display two days before each activity's due date or end date.

You can also visit Brightspace Pulse for Instructors. For additional information, contact Instructional Design Services via ihelp.