Contractor or Volunteer Notification Form

  • Please use this form as notification to the Office Human Resources of:

    • Individuals providing services to the university without compensation, or...

    • Individuals providing a program, activity or service to the university on university property compensated by a university affiliate, not through IUP Payroll Services

    Background clearances are required for those who services involve the care, supervision, guidance, or control of minors, as determined by the Office Human Resources. The background clearances process will be initiated based on responses to this form for those whose clearances are tracked and stored by the Office of Human Resources.

    Contractor/Volunteer Information


    Full Legal Name











    Services Provided to the University

    Start Date of University Services



    End Date of University Services



    Is the individual receiving compensation for their services to the University?
    Please select a group that best describes where the individual will be performing their services to the university.

    *Indicates clearances that are initiated and recorded through the IUP Office of Human Resources.


    Email and Network Access

    Email is the primary method of communication for all employees, contractors, and volunteers. An IUP email address is provided with access to the IUP network. It is the user’s responsibility to activate their email and ensure storage limits are not exceeded.

    Does the individual require an IUP email address to perform services for the university?
    Does the individual require IUP network access to perform services for the university?


    Requestor's Information