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Student Evaluation Instrument for Classroom Courses

  • A tripartite committee of faculty, management, and students reviewed the current Student Evaluation of Instruction program and recommended changes.  IUP-APSCUF and Management agree to use the attached instrument and associated guidelines for student evaluation of campus­-based courses and faculty members.

    APSCUF/Management Meet and Discuss:

    April 22, 2015

    Expires:  April 22, 2025​

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    Mark Staszkiewicz             date                 Timothy Moerland                date           
    President IUP-APSCUF                              Provost and VP for Academic Affairs

    I. Evaluation Instrument

    Click here to access the pdf scan of the actual instrument:

    II. Guidelines

    A. Administration of the Evaluation

    1. The Evaluation Instrument will be printed directly on optical scanning sheets.  A supply of these forms will be provided by Management to the Chairperson or a designated faculty member of each department.
    2. The Student Evaluation shall not be administered sooner than the 12th week of a full semester's teaching or at the 2/3 point of a given instructional period.
    3. The Student Evaluation will be administered by the Department Chairperson or a faculty member designated by the Chairperson.  Administration will take place in the classroom of the faculty member being evaluated, during the regularly scheduled class period.  The instructions given to students shall be attached to the Evaluation envelope (see Directions for Administering the Student Evaluation Instrument at the end of this document).
    4. The faculty member administering the Student Evaluation shall write on the board the following information:

      a. Name of the faculty member being evaluated

      b. Course and section number

      c. Year and term

    5. The faculty member being evaluated shall not be present in the room, either while the

      instructions are being given, or while students are completing the forms.

    6. The faculty member administering the Student Evaluation shall return the evaluation forms directly to the Department Office, or in the case of a Branch Campus to the Administrative  Office of that campus, in a sealed envelope.  The envelope seal shall be signed by the faculty member administering the evaluation and the sealed envelopes shall be secured until delivered to the Information Technology Support Center for computer processing.
    7. All data will be backed up and maintained by the University for five years.  Individually identifiable information will be accessed only with consent of the faculty member, and the APSCUF and University President in the event any problems with the evaluations need to be resolved.
    8. Any unused forms shall be returned to the Department office.

    B. Distribution and Use of Student Evaluations

    1. The Student Evaluation results will be made available to the faculty member after the final grades have been released to the students.
    2. It will be the responsibility of the faculty member to make, at a minimum, the Student Evaluation Summary Reports for items 1 - 29 available to the Department Development and Evaluation Committee and to the department chairperson, as required during the evaluation process (see Article 12).

    C. Directions for Administering the Student Evaluation Instrument

    1. Be sure the information on the label affixed to the envelope is complete and accurate.  It may be hand written or on a pre-printed label.  Once confirmed, print on the board the name of the faculty member being evaluated, the course and section number, and the year and term so the students can enter the information on the evaluation form.
    2. Hand out the evaluation forms then read aloud the following instructions:

    "This evaluation was designed to provide feedback to your instructor, and thereby aid him/her in the development of more effective teaching.  Results from the evaluation are also used by departmental and campus-wide committees for making personnel decisions. Thus, it is very important that you respond to each item in a careful and conscientious manner. I will return the evaluations to the department office in a sealed envelope.  The evaluations, plus a computer summary of the results, will be returned to the instructor AFTER the semester grades have been released.  There shall be no discussion of the evaluation while it is being administered.

    This questionnaire will be scored by an optical scanner.  Therefore, it is necessary to use only a Number 2 pencil.  Make heavy black marks that fill the circle completely. Thoroughly erase any answer you wish to change.  Make no stray marks on either side of the sheet.  Stray marks may be recorded as an answer making your responses invalid.  Do not make ANY marks in the timing marks found on the side or the top of the form!

    In the box on the top of Side One, please verify that your form has the correct term information, and then write in the Course and Instructor's  name.  I have printed this information on the board.  Once you have answered all the questions on Side One, please complete the additional questions and the open ended questions on Side Two. Do not write outside of the box on the open ended questions."

     3.  When the students have finished, collect all the completed questionnaires.


    b. Remove all blank forms.  Do not enclose blank/extra forms in this envelope.

    c. Count the number of completed student evaluation questionnaires. Enter this total on the label on the envelope and initial.

    d. Place the completed student evaluation instruments in the envelope.

    e. Seal the envelope and write your signature across the seal of the envelope before leaving the room in which the evaluation was administered.

    f. Return this sealed envelope and any unused forms to the Department Office or in the case of a Branch Campus to the Administrative Office of that campus.