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Procedure for Electing Department Chairpersons

  • IUP/APSCUF and the Administration agree to the following procedure for implementing Article 6 B. concerning the election of department chairpersons:

    1. A committee selected by the department shall formulate and have approved by the department FACULTY the internal procedure to be used for nominating and electing a chairperson.  Only regular faculty may participate in the process.  The procedure will be set down in writing.  The procedure shall include, but not be limited to, the process for handling runoff elections, in the event no nominee receives the required majority, and the manner of receiving absentee ballots if a runoff should become necessary.  A copy of the procedure will be sent to APSCUF and to management by December, 2010, and copies of any subsequent revisions or procedures by new departments as soon as they are adopted.
    2. Prior to December 15, a committee selected by the department shall, according to the agreed-upon departmental procedure, designate the individual or individuals acceptable to the department to serve as chairperson.  The department committee shall notify the President or his/her designee and APSCUF of these names.  The President or his/her designee shall indicate his/her acceptance or non-acceptance of the individual(s) designated by the department to the department committee and to APSCUF by January 15.
    3. Department Chairperson elections shall be convened no later than February 15, 2011, and thereafter every three (3) years.  Elections shall be concluded no later than April 15.
    4. At least five days prior to the election, the department committee shall notify APSCUF of the time, date, and location of the election so that an APSCUF observer can be designated.  Prior to the election, the department committee shall, in writing, inform the APSCUF observer of the procedure agreed upon by the department for voting.
    5. The department committee shall prepare ballots containing the name(s) of the individual(s) mutually acceptable to the department and the President and shall conduct a secret ballot election with the APSCUF observer present to observe the voting.  The marked ballots will be turned over to the APSCUF observer who will open any sealed absentee ballots and add them to the other marked ballots in a random order.  All ballots will then be counted by the department committee in the presence of the APSCUF observer.  The APSCUF observer shall certify the final result when a candidate has received the required majority and the department committee shall notify the President, Provost, Dean and APSCUF of the results of the election.
    6. "The chairperson shall be elected (or rejected), by the majority secret ballot vote of the regular FACULTY MEMBERS within the department, from the individual or individuals designated." (CBA Article 6.B.1.a)  That is, a successful candidate must receive an absolute majority of all regular FACULTY MEMBERS in the department, not just the regular FACULTY MEMBERS voting.  The department's agreed-upon procedure shall govern the scheduling and conduct of the runoff elections and the counting of absentee ballots should multiple votes be necessary. 
    7. The APSCUF observer shall seal the ballots and APSCUF shall keep them on file for 90 days in case of a challenge to the results or a grievance concerning the election.  The ballots shall be accessible to any faculty member of the department, the President, or his/her designee, and the APSCUF President or his/her designee.
    8. If the department determines that none of the mutually acceptable candidates can receive the required majority, the department shall notify the President and APSCUF and shall designate a new slate of acceptable individuals.  A new election shall then be conducted according to this procedure.  If there can be no agreement as to a mutually acceptable candidate, the President shall have the right to appoint an interim chairperson in accordance with CBA Article 6.B.1.b.
    9. Newly elected department chairpersons shall take office on May 1 of the year in which elected; however newly elected department chairpersons shall not receive a stipend or workload equivalency until the first day of the summer session or the next academic year, whichever is appropriate.  Should vacancies occur during the term of office, a special election must be held under the terms described above with the newly elected chairperson serving until the next regularly scheduled round of departmental elections. (CBA Article 6.B.2)
    10. Upon approval, at Meet-and-Discuss and ratification by the APSCUF Representative Council, this procedure shall be circulated to the departments.  They shall again be circulated to departments before each round of chairperson elections, as well as to any departments which must hold chairperson elections in the interim because of a vacancy. 

    IUP/APSCUF and the Administration further agree that this procedure shall be reviewed following the negotiation of any successor collective bargaining agreement in order to agree upon any appropriate or necessary changes.

    Agreement Meet and Discuss:  April 22, 2009
    Expires:  June 30, 2019


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