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Guidelines for Reporting Workload in Team-Taught Courses

  • Workload
    If more than one faculty member is assigned to teach a particular section of a course, each faculty member shall report that proportional part of the load that is his/her responsibility for the course.  In cases where two or more faculty are each responsible for all classes, each will report the full workload.  Preparations for team-taught courses are governed by the relevant article in the CBA. The following examples are provided for clarification:

    Course/ Number of Faculty & Responsibility/ Workload 

    • 3 credits / Two faculty:  each sharing 1/2 of the course responsibilities / Each reports 1.5 load hours
    • 3 credits / Three faculty:  each sharing 1/3 of the course responsibilities / Each reports 1 load hour 
    • 4 credits / Three faculty:  one is responsible for 1/2 of the course and the other two are responsible for 1/4 each / One faculty reports 2 load hours, each of the others reports 1 load hour   
    • 3 credits / Two faculty:  one responsible for 1/3 of the course, the other for 2/3 of the course load / One faculty reports 1 hour and the other reports 2 load hours
    • 3 credits / Two faculty:  each is responsible for the course and actively engaged in all class sessions / Each faculty reports 3 load hour

    Agreement Meet and Discuss:  April 22, 2009

    Expires:  June 30, 2019


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