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Evaluation of Distance Education Courses

  • A tripartite committee revised the instrument and the process for student course and faculty evaluations of distance education courses. The new instrument is attached and the process is listed below. This agreement shall only be modified through a tripartite committee.

    1. Each semester, the Provost’s Office informs deans and department chairs that an online system has been established for the student evaluation of distance education courses and that these courses must be included in the evaluation of faculty under the CBA Article 12. In addition, faculty members who wish to have their courses evaluated will be accommodated.
    2. Every semester, the Provost’s Office will ask faculty members whose online course will be included in the evaluation, when they would like the questionnaire to be administered to the students. They may choose a 4-day period during weeks 12, 13 or 14, or after 80% of the term of the course, but before the last day of the course. Then, 3 days prior to the designated period, students enrolled in the course will receive a message alerting them to the upcoming 4-day evaluation period. At the beginning of the evaluation period designated for the course, those students will be notified via e-mail to enter URSA and complete the survey at any point prior to the deadline. They will be informed that their responses are anonymous and the results will not be available to the faculty member until the semester grades have been posted.
    3. When the student submits responses to the questionnaire electronically, his/her name is separated from the instrument and data are maintained by IT Services.
    4. The data are reported to the faculty member in the same manner as data for classroom evaluations, except that items from this instrument will not be summarized with items from classroom sections. Also, items 24-27 pertain solely to technology.

    Discussion at APSCUF Management Meet and Discuss: December 9, 2009
    Expires: June 30, 2018

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