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Distinguished Visiting Professors Appointment

    1. The University-wide Committee for Distinguished Visiting Professors shall consist of six faculty members, one from each college, chosen by the APSCUF President in consultation with the University President, and two managers chosen by the University President in consultation with the APSCUF President. The members of the Committee shall serve two-year terms, but these terms will be staggered. In the initial formation of the Committee, therefore, three faculty members and one manager, chosen randomly, will serve one-year terms. The agreed committee will be constituted at such time that it is needed.
    2. Following its formation the Committee will develop a procedure for implementation of this agreement, and guidelines for determining a “truly competent and distinguished individual.”
    3. At the beginning of the funding cycle in each year (approximately fifteen months prior to the appointment) the President or designee will meet with the Committee to discuss a preliminary draft of the University’s priorities for the Distinguished Visiting Professor Program.
      a. After receiving advice from the Committee, the President will issue the University’s priorities for the current funding cycle; and
      b. The University Committee, after consultation with the Provost, will notify departments of the procedure for submitting proposals for hiring Distinguished Visiting Professors.
    4. After receiving proposals endorsed by a majority of regular full-time faculty members of the department, the University-wide Committee will evaluate the proposals in light of the priorities established, and recommend to the President the searches to be initiated together with a rationale for its recommendations.
    5. After reviewing the Committee’s recommendations the President or designee, prior to announcing his final decision, will meet with the committee to discuss with it his plans and to seek from it additional advice. The President will then authorize the selected departments to begin the search process.
    6. At the conclusion of the search, departments will submit to the Committee the candidate(s) they wish to hire, supported by a majority vote of the regular full-time faculty in the department. The Committee will review the candidate(s) based on the proposal approved for the hiring and on its criteria for determining a “truly competent and distinguished individual.” The Committee will then either recommend or not recommend the hiring, and the President shall appoint “only upon the recommendation of the University-wide Committee.”
    7. At any time during the process the President of IUP or the President of APSCUF may request to meet with the University-wide Committee.
    8. The procedure described above will be subject to review at the request of either party (APSCUF or Management).

    Agreement Meet and Discuss: April 22, 2009

    Expires: June 30, 2019

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    Robert J. Mutchnick date Gerald Intemann date
    President of IUP-APSCUF Provost and Vice President
    for Academic Affairs