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College Curriculum Committee

  • 1.  Management recognizes the role of the College Curriculum Committee with respect to recommending curricular matters for the College.

    2.  Management further recognizes that the College Curriculum Committee must be chaired by a member of the College Faculty.

    3. Management has the responsibility, exercised by the Dean, to advise the college Curriculum Committee of the relevant resource issues surrounding particular curriculum decisions in advance of a Committee’s vote on such curricular matters, in order to allow adequate discussion of the issues prior to a Committee’s vote.

    4. If significant concerns are raised by either the University-wide Undergraduate Curriculum Committee or the University-wide Graduate Committee after the approval by the College Curriculum Committee and the Dean’s sign-off on the resource issues, APSCUF recognizes that the Dean may place the process on hold until these concerns are addressed.  In no case shall the Dean by permitted to rescind the vote of the College Curriculum Committee.

    5. In those cases where concerns have been raised, the Dean may return the curriculum matter to the College Curriculum Committee if significant changes are required or if unforeseen resource issues arise, and may equest that the Committee review its prior decision.  The review shall be limited to the specific changes or resource issues that have arisen since the Committee’s prior decision.

    Agreement Meet and Discuss:  April 22, 2009
    Expires:  June 30, 2019

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