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Chairperson Election for Academic Units Comprised Exclusively of Temporary Faculty Members

  • The current side letter agreement on the Procedure for Electing a Department Chair permits only regular faculty members to vote for chairpersons.  For departments where the majority of its faculty members are temporary, a procedure for chair election is contained in the CBA.  In order to enable academic units composed entirely of temporary faculty to conduct an election of a chairperson, a side letter agreement appears below.

    All academic units comprised exclusively of temporary faculty members must follow the approved side letter procedure for electing a department chair, with the exception that "temporary full-time faculty members employed for the full academic year" be substituted for the phrase "regular faculty members" in the Procedure.  This exception shall be in force so long as the academic unit is comprised exclusively of temporary faculty members.

    Agreement at Local Meet and Discuss:  March 17, 2010
    Expires:  June 30, 2020


    ____________________________           _______________________________
    Robert Mutchnick            date                  Gerald Intemann                 date           
    President IUP-APSCUF                              Vice President for Academic Affairs