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Tuition Waiver Side Letter

  • November 4, 2003

    Mr. Thomas M. Krapsho
    Director of Labor Relations
    State System of Higher Education
    Dixon University Center
    2986 North Second Street
    Harrisburg, PA 17110

    Dear Mr. Krapsho:

    This letter confirms AFSCME Council 13 and the State System of Higher Education’s agreement to remove from the tuition waiver portion of Appendix S of the Master Agreement and Appendix N of the Master Memorandum the following:

               “The percentage of tuition waiver applied to Sections 1 through 5 above for eligible employees who begin employment with the State System after July 1, 1996, will be 75%.”

    Please indicate your agreement by signing below and returning a properly executed copy to my office.



    John A. Ewart
    Assistant to the Executive Director


    Signed by Thomas M. Krapsho on 11/20/03
    Thomas M. Krapsho                            Date
    On behalf of the State System