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Day After Thanksgiving Agreement

  • It was agreed at the November 6, 2002, Labor-Management Meeting that IUP employees with a Monday through Friday work schedule may take advantage of the first day of the Pennsylvania deer hunting season by switching the “Day After Thanksgiving Holiday” for the first day of deer season.  It is understood that this agreement is solely to permit hunting on the first day of deer season.  Since classes resume on the Monday after Thanksgiving, IUP management must limit the number of persons permitted to exchange the day after Thanksgiving holiday for the following Monday. 

    If an employee’s regular days off are Thursday-Friday, the Thanksgiving holidays would be taken as compensatory days off and can be used in accordance with the contract language.  If an employee’s regular days off are Friday-Saturday, the Friday After Thanksgiving holiday would again be a compensatory day and can be scheduled as specified in the contract.

    Management reserves the right to assign the work force, including the determination of staffing levels necessary to maintain standards and operational efficiency.  Management is not obligated to change work assignments to accommodate this agreement.