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Campus Snow Removal Agreement

  • This agreement has been reached between AFSCME, Local 763 and Management at IUP regarding the establishment of separate equalization units for campus snow removal.  The following items were discussed as part of the agreement:

    1. Assignment regarding the removal of snow will be made by management in the following order:

      a. Grounds Department (Permanent employees)
      b. Supplemental Unit
      c. Auxiliary Unit
      d. All permanent employees signed up for campus snow removal must be contacted prior to a temporary employee being assigned to work the overtime.
      e. Contractors (time of snow fall and nature of equipment required).
    2. Two equalization units were created which are recognized as the Supplemental Unit and the Auxiliary Unit.
    3. The Supplemental Unit consists of volunteers from Distributions, Mechanical, Electric, Plumbing, HVAC, Auto, Paint, Carpenter Shops, and Facilities employees assigned to the afternoon shift.

      The Supplemental Unit will operate light motorized and manual equipment to remove snow from the sidewalks and other designated areas.  Employees will be listed by master agreement seniority, within all classifications, i.e., Semi-Skilled Laborer, Stock Clerk 1 and 2, Equipment Operators A, Maintenance Repairman 1 and 2 and trade specific classifications.
    4. The Auxiliary Unit consists of volunteers from the Custodial Services Department.  Employees will be listed by master agreement seniority, within the Custodial Worker 1 and 2 classifications. 

      The Auxiliary Unit will shovel snow from designated areas on campus. 
    5. Article 20, Section 5 regarding the equalization of overtime during each one-half calendar year is waived.  The equalization period will be November 1 through April 30, the snow season.  All other language in Article 20, Section 5 will apply as stated in the Agreement.   
    6. Articles that have been omitted that may have an adverse impact on the collective bargaining agreement will be discussed for clarification prior to any grievance being filed. 

    This agreement is effective December 10, 2010 and will be continued indefinitely.  This agreement may be renegotiated prior at any time with a thirty (30) day notification by either party.

    _____________________________________  ______________
    Cynthia Spielman, President                             Date  
    AFSCME Local 763

    _____________________________________  ______________
    Terry Skultety , Representative                        Date
    AFSCME District Council 83

    _____________________________________  ______________
    Doug Miller, Director of Facilities Operations         Date
    Office of Facilities Management

    _____________________________________  ______________
    Diane Donahue, Employee Relations Director       Date
    Office of Human Resources