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Above the Minimum Salary Side Letter

  •  June 21, 2007

    Mr. David Fillman
    Executive Director
    AFSCME Council 13
    4031 Executive Park Drive
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17111-1599

    Dear Mr. Fillman:

    After discussions with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) regarding appointments above the minimum, the Pennsylvania State System of higher Education agrees to the following procedure:

    1. Prior to making an appointment above-the-minimum salary, Universities will notify the appropriate District Council Director of AFSCME.  Such notification shall include the reason for the above the minimum appointment.
    2. The appropriate District Council Director will have five working days to review the notice from the University and comment on the appointment above the minimum. 
    3. In those cases where the five working day commitment period may result in a University losing a candidate for a critical or difficult to fill vacancy, the University will advise the District Council that a prompt comment is necessary.

    Please acknowledge your acceptance of the foregoing by signing on the line provided below and returning a signed copy to my office.



    Thomas M. Krapsho
    Acting Vice Chancellor for Human Resources and Labor Relations


    c: Mr. Donald Adams



    Signed by David R. Fillman on 6/26/07

    David R. Fillman                                        Date
    On behalf of AFSCME