Educational and Professional Development for Managers

  • In an effort to advance the knowledge and skills of managers at IUP, assist with succession planning, and aid in employee retention, we are pleased to announce that beginning January 1, 2017, non-represented employees will be able to take advantage of out-service training, undergraduate coursework, or graduate-level courses at IUP and elsewhere, pursuant to the procedure and guidelines.

    This benefit is intended to enhance, not replace, the existing tuition waiver benefit program currently in place for non-represented employees and their dependents.

    Eligibility Criteria

    The non-represented employee must be regular, full-time, and completed the probationary period. Courses taken must be related to current duties or be part of a succession/development plan from an annual evaluation. Application requires divisional vice-president’s signature. Approval depends on available funding.

    Benefit Summary

    • Limited to six credits per semester
    • Coursework must be completed at IUP if the program is offered. However, if courses are not available at IUP, they can be taken at another university.
    • If courses are taken at another university other than IUP:
      • Employee is responsible to pay the full financial cost upfront. 
      • Reimbursement is contingent upon attainment of a minimum grade of a “C” for undergraduate courses or a “B” for graduate courses.
      • Proof of payment and official grade report are required for reimbursement.
      • Maximum reimbursement amount equivalent to current tuition rate at IUP less any other sources of offset (scholarships, grants, tuition waiver, etc.)
      • Certain out-service training (noncredit courses, professional training certifications, conferences, conventions, professional association meetings, and workshops) may require employees to share costs. Shared responsibility shall be clearly noted at the time of approval.
      • An employee who resigns is responsible to repay all tuition reimbursement dollars received during their last 12 months of employment.

    Standards, Guidelines, and Limits for Educational and Professional Development Opportunities for Non-Represented Employees

    Procedure for Applying for University Funded Educational or Professional Development Assistance for Non-Represented Employees

    Application for University Funded Educational or Professional Development Assistance for Non-Represented Employees