Paid Annual or Vacation Leave for Faculty Members

  • Annual leave is to be used for absences for vacation purposes.  Annual leave must be scheduled in advance and shall be granted for periods of time requested by the employee subject to management's responsibility to maintain efficient operations. 

    Earning Paid Annual Leave

    Faculty members who are appointed to 12-month positions earn paid annual leave on a biweekly basis as a percentage of regular hours paid. Faculty members who are appointed to nine-month academic year appointments do not earn annual/vacation leave.

    The percentage of annual hours earned per biweekly pay depends on the faculty member's leave service credit.  Annual leave service credit is earned for each month in which the faculty member is in an active pay status ten or more working days.

    • For the first 12 months of employment, 12-month faculty members earn 5/6 days of annual leave per month.
    • For 12 months to 180 months of employment, 1¼ days of annual leave are earned per month.
    • For 181 months to 299 months of employment, 1-2/3 days of annual leave are earned per month.
    • For 300 months or more of employment, 2½cdays of annual leave are earned per month.

    Using Paid Annual Leave

    • All requests for paid annual leave must be made through Employee Self-Service (ESS).
    • Faculty members must have at least 30 calendar days of service before paid annual leave can be used.
    • Faculty members who have one or more years of service may request and be approved to use paid annual leave that is expected to be earned in the current leave calendar year.
    • Requests to use paid annual leave must be made in advance of the absence unless the employee has been approved by the Office of Human Resources to use annual leave as FMLA leave.

    Carry-Over and Payment of Unused Paid Annual Leave

    • Unused annual leave may be carried over from one leave calendar year to the next up to a maximum of 45 days.
    • Faculty members who retiree, resign, or otherwise separate from the university are entitled to receive a payout of unused annual leave. The payout is based on the number of days available on the last day of employment and the employee’s salary at the time of separation.

    Additional Information on Paid Annual Leave