Humanities and Social Sciences Degree Requirements

  • Degrees

    The departments of AnthropologyEconomicsEnglishFrenchGeography and Regional PlanningGermanHistoryJournalismPhilosophy and Religious StudiesPolitical ScienceSpanish, and Sociology offer work leading to a Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor of Science is offered in Regional Planning. Several departments offer Master of Arts or Master of Science degrees. The English, Sociology, and Political Science departments offer graduate programs leading to the Doctor of Philosophy degree. Information about these programs may be obtained from the Graduate School.

    Degree Requirements

    In addition to the university's Liberal Studies requirements, all students seeking a baccalaureate degree in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences must complete the requirements for a major as established by the department through which they wish to specialize. Statements of these requirements, and the requirements for those minoring in a specific field, appear in the department sections that follow. A double major or minor may encompass a discipline outside as well as within the college but should be selected only with advisor approval. As a general principle, there is considerable latitude in course choice for Humanities and Social Sciences majors. The intermediate-level foreign language requirements (a description follows) applies without exception to all Humanities and Social Science four-year degree programs.

    The Undergraduate Catalog details the Liberal Studies Programs at IUP.

    College Language Requirements

    Students in the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics and of Humanities and Social Sciences, who must pass intermediate-level language sequence as a college requirements for graduation, may choose any of the languages offered. Self-instruction in Critical Languages fulfills the Liberal Studies requirement only in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. The student with no previous foreign language study will take the entry-level courses as prerequisites. The credits will not be applicable to any college or departmental requirements, but may be counted as free electives in the total required for graduation. Generally, students should schedule courses in accordance with their previous school or practical background. Individual placement will be determined during placement testing and registration prior to the first semester or summer session at IUP. Students whose placement testing demonstrates possession of competence equivalent to the intermediate level are considered to have fulfilled this requirement. Any foreign student, registered as such at IUP, whose acquired native language is other than English and who demonstrates an acceptable proficiency in English, is exempt from the foreign language requirement for a Humanities and Social Sciences degree if the department he/she is majoring in does not require a specific language.

    Critical Language Program

    This is a self-instructional/tutorial foreign language program for less commonly taught languages. The students meet with a tutor three hours per week in addition to practicing with audio cassettes. Most tutors are native speakers of the language. Professional teachers of the specific language may be brought in from other universities to evaluate student performance. Final grade is based on final examination as well as performance during the tutorial sessions. Interested students must contact the coordinator before registration. Each course carries three semester hours of credit. The following languages may be available for study: Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, Modern Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish.