Political Science Major Julia McBride Gets Amazing Internship Experience in Harrisburg

  • Julia McBride is a senior majoring in political science who is currently interning at the Pennsylvania Department of State. She has called the Harrisburg Internship Semester program a “life changing experience.”

    Julia McBrideMcBride began her time at IUP as a theater major, but switched to political science in her sophomore year because of a love of “government, research, and studying political ideology.” She also knew that she wanted to go to law school after and “understood that [majoring in political science] would be a great prelude to law school.”

    McBride explains that her experience in the Political Science Department has been incredibly useful. She emphasized that, “IUP’s Political Science Department has given me such a wonderful education. The courses that they offer are never disappointing! Every class that I have taken in the department has taught me so much. All of the professors are extremely knowledgeable... [and] always willing to help students succeed in class and in their specific career goals.”

    Majoring in political science also has been a great preparation for applying to law school, explaining that “there is a great selection of courses that the department offers to help obtain an education targeted to a certain career. I remember taking a Civil Laws and Liberties course that taught me how to interpret law and understand court opinions. This course’s education has helped me even in this internship because I am dealing with legal matters and attending hearings that are similar to the ones I studied in the class. Also, I had a Research Methods in Political Science class that taught me how to properly write a research paper in the field of political science. I am using that education now to assist me on writing my 30-page research paper for this internship.”

    McBride is one of 13 students participating in the Harrisburg Internship Semester, which gives students the opportunity to work in state government while earning IUP credit.

    Harrisburg Internship group shotMcBride is planning to go to law school after she graduates. Her internship has taught her how administrative law differs from other types of law, such as criminal or civil law. Further, she notes that “not only did I learn about the department, I learned how to work in a professional environment. This is one of my first serious jobs, and I am so thankful for this experience to help me transition from the school world to the professional world.”