Whitmyre Hall Honors College

  • Whitmyre Hall

    Whitmyre Hall is a three-story building located on School Street across from the Hadley Union Building (the HUB). More than 200 Honors College residents make Whitmyre Hall their home during the academic year.

    Whitmyre Hall houses IUP’s Cook Honors College, and only students who are members of the Honors College may live there. Like all university buildings, Whitmyre offers a smoke-free environment.

    Hall office phone number:  724-357-2355

    The building diagrams (PDF) may help you choose a room when you apply for housing online (on the Campus Services page in MyIUP).

    Amenities in the building include:

    • A kitchenette with a microwave
    • Vending machines
    • Music practice module/piano room
    • Lounge with large-screen television
    • Classrooms
    • Honors College faculty offices
    • Laundry room
    • Air conditioning
    • A great hall for large meetings
    • An outdoor basketball court
    • IUP cable television service and Internet access are available in each room. Students must provide their own televisions, computers, and telephones.

    Whitmyre Hall is locked 24 hours a day. Residents gain access with their student I-Cards. Whitmyre Hall students have 24-hour access to the front doors of the Northern Suites building so they can access the Living Learning spaces and Residential Computing Center.

      Length Depth Height
    Room 15'0" 12'0" 8'0"
    Beds 6'6 1/2" 3' 1/4" 2'6 1/2"
    Dressers 4'1" 2'3" 4'0"
    Desk 3'7" 2'3" 2'6"
    Closet 2'6" 2' 8'

    Standard Room Dimensions

    Although rooms in Whitmyre Hall vary considerably in size, the average double room is 15’0” x 12’0” with a window measuring 3’8” x 4’5” (w x h). The walls throughout the building are plaster with a height of nearly eight feet. All rooms are equipped with built-in dressers, closets, desks, desk chairs, and bunkable beds. Two waste cans (one for recyclables and the other for regular trash) are also provided. The standard bunk bed arrangement is 18” from the floor to the top of the lower mattress and 57” from the floor to the top of the upper mattress; this arrangement allows approximately eight inches of clearance under the lower mattress. The window has a pull-down shade. In most rooms, only the two standard sized bunkable beds can be moved since other furniture is permanently fixed. Residents may have lofts, but they must be sturdy, well-braced, and of solid construction. Each closet has a clothing rod; some have hooks and some do not while some are moveable and some are affixed to the walls. Lighting is provided via overhead lighting

    Residents are encouraged to decorate their rooms; however, university-owned furniture cannot be removed from the room. Pictures and posters can be hung using poster putty only. Nails, bolts, tacks, glue, or other adhesives cannot be used to affix materials to the walls.