Student Consolidation Policy

  • Due to limited space within our residential buildings, at certain times during the academic year it may become necessary to consolidate residents by reassigning them to new rooms/suites.

    Generally, implementation of the consolidation policy will only occur during the consolidation period (seventh through tenth weeks of both the fall and spring semesters). The purpose of the policy is to ensure spaces for incoming students and rectify the inequitable condition which exists when many students end up living alone (without roommates) in rooms traditionally designated as double rooms/suites.

    Students living in a room/suite with a vacancy will receive correspondence from the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining describing your options. Students required to move due to the consolidation policy will be required to move within seventy-two (72) hours of receipt of their e-mail.

    Generally, students will not be required to move into other buildings or other suite types. Our office will make efforts to keep students affected by the Consolidation Policy within the same building and floor (if available spaces exist).

    Students with vacancies are encouraged to seek out roommates or a new room/suite during Open Room Change Period (week three through week six of each semester).


    • The first two weeks of the semester: room change freeze
    • Monday of the third week: open room change period begins
    • The first Friday of October: open room change period ends
    • The Monday of the second week of October: consolidation period begins
      • Three weeks of consolidation – students are required to move to consolidate
    • The third week of October: consolidation period ends – all moving should be complete
      • No room changes again until the first week of February the next spring semester