Housing and Dining Costs

  • Housing Options and Rates

  • Fall 2020–Spring 2021 Housing Costs (per person per semester)

    Housing Costs
    Options Price per


    Two-person shared semi-suite $4,150
    Two-person private semi-suite $4,475
    Two-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person shared suite $4,490
    Four-person private suite $4,735
    Two-person private suite w/private bath $5,130
    One-person private suite (very limited) $5,265
    Commons Fee (suites residents only) $125
    The nonrefundable Commons Fee covers common and community space maintenance and upkeep of the suites. The Commons Fee is exclusive of any individual or group damage billing charges which may be incurred.  
  • Dining Options and Rates

  • Fall 2021–Spring 2022
    Options Price per Semester
    Plan 19F (19 meals per week+$250 Flex) $1,796
    Plan 14F (14 meals per week+$350 Flex) $1,810
    Plan 175F (any 175 meals per semester+$350 Flex) $1,809
    Plan 10F (any 10 meals per week+$350 Flex) $1,747

    Below plans are for off-campus students only. Not available to resident students.

    Plan 75F (any 75 meals per semester+$100 Flex) $977
    Plan 7F (any 7 meals per week + $100 Flex)

    Meal cash credit for fall 2021 and spring 2022 is $6.