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Resnet FAQ

  • Questions about residential networking at IUP

    Where can I plug my computer in to get the Internet?

    There is at least one active Internet jack for each student living in the suites. Each port will be marked with your room number and some letters; for example, 123-AA. Only ports ending in the letter “A” are active for Ethernet. Port names ending in “B” are either open or are active for phone. So, 123-AA would be an Ethernet port, while 123-AB would be a phone jack.

    If you live in a traditional hall (University Towers, Elkin, McCarthy, or Whitmyre hall), your room has an AD port and a BD port, which are active for Ethernet. So, if your room number was 123, your Ethernet ports would be 123AD and 123BD. Both ports are on the same box. Some rooms which are triples will also have a third port active, usually labeled V (so 123V in room 123).

    Fairman Centre has the same scheme as the Suites. The Punxsutawney Living Center has a different numbering scheme. Any port labeled BA or AB should be active.

    Read more about the in-room Ethernet connections.

    Why doesn’t the Internet work in my room?

    Make sure you go through the Resnet setup guide, available at your hall office or online at the Resnet website. If you still need help connecting to the wired Internet, call the Resnet helpdesk at 724-357-2596 or e-mail

    If your Internet suddenly stopped, there’s a possibility that your port was disabled for some reason, such as a virus or a copyright complaint. If your port stops working, contact the Resnet helpdesk.  See more details about Internet connections not working.

    Can I get wireless Internet in my room?

    There is wireless throughout the suites. However, when you’re in your room, we recommend using the wired connection. Because of the shared nature of wireless, you will get a much more stable and a much faster connection with a wired connection. Think of the wireless as a resource to provide mobility, so you don’t have to find an Internet jack when you use a study lounge or are visiting a friend’s room.

    You just need your IUP username and password (the same that you use for myIUP) to set up your connection.

    Students having problems with the wireless Internet should contact the IT Support Center at 724-357-4000.

    Can I use Chromecast or my game machine on IUP's wireless network?

    No. Wireless-only devices such as Chromecast and Roku streaming stick will not work on IUP’s wireless network.

    Devices such as game machines, Roku boxes, BluRay players, and TIVOs also will not work on IUP’s wireless network. These types of devices can be used on the wired network if they have the capability.

    If you bring any of these types of devices, please disable the wireless on them to prevent interference with other wireless devices. See How Do I Connect My Computer or Device to the Internet? for details.

    Can I use my wireless printer on IUP’s network?

    Wireless printers cannot connect to IUP’s wireless. If you have a wireless printer, you will need to connect it to your computer with a USB cable. Please also disable the wireless on your printer as this can cause interference with the wireless. Most printers have a button to turn the wireless on or off. On other printers you have to navigate a menu. Refer to your printer’s manual.

    How can I find my network information?

    Find your network information (user name, e-mail address, and other information).

    How can I keep my computer safe?

    Learn how to keep your computer safe from viruses, spyware, and other computing hazards in the Safe Computing Guide.

    Are there computers available in my building?

    What rules do I have to follow on IUP’s network?

    Why is my Internet so slow?