Current Student Housing Options at IUP

  • Live on reduced on-campus housing rates for 2019-2020 smallerSign up for on-campus housing. Current students who sign up for the 2019–20 academic year can choose their building, room, and roommate now.

    In addition, you’ll be able to take advantage of our reduced housing rates for current students! These reduced rates help us make housing more affordable for and support our continuing students on their road to success:

    2019–20 housing rates for returning students
    Options Price per Semester
    Two-person shared semi-suite $3,600 (savings of $550 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Two-person private semi-suite $4,475 (same cost as 2018–19 rates)
    Two-person shared suite  $4,475 (savings of $15 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Four-person shared suite $3,600 (savings of $890 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates)
    Four-person private suite $4,475 (savings of $260 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    Two-person private suite
    w/private bath
    $4,900 (savings of $230 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    One-person private suite
    (very limited)
    $4,900  (savings of $365 per semester compared to 2018–19 rates) 
    Commons Fee (suites residents only)

    The nonrefundable Commons Fee covers common and community space maintenance and upkeep of the suites. The Commons Fee is exclusive of any individual or group damage billing charges which may be incurred. 

    Housing sign ups begin on August 29, 2018.

    How to Sign up:

    1. Log in to MyIUP.
    2. Click on Campus Services tab.
    3. Click on Complete Housing License Agreement tab under the Housing section.
    4. Select Fall 2019 term.
    5. Select Click Here to complete your Online Housing Agreement.
    6. Select your preferred living community, room type and building, then click Continue.
    7. Choose from the selected options.  If rooms shown do not meet your preferences, click back and change your preferences.
    8. Continue through the remainder of the Online Housing Agreement, selecting your Meningitis Information and Meal Plan.
    9. Enter your student ID number as your electronic signature and click Submit.

    You will receive a confirmation e-mail in your IUP account with your selections. We look forward to welcoming you to campus again next year!

    Please note that signing up for housing and dining is a binding contract that cannot be cancelled.

    Why Live On Campus?

    1. Reduced rates make living on campus more affordable
    2. Convenience with easy access across campus
    3. Support around the clock from qualified and trained staff
    4. Better academics: students who live on campus maintain a higher GPA
    5. Upper division student community with responsible alcohol usage for students above 21
    6. Easy sign-up process

    Suite Layouts (pdf)

    Buildings available

    Living Learning Communities (link to LLC page)